commercial cleaning company near me in Detroit

What should a corporate cleaning include?

The cleaning service varies from one company to another. However, knowing the need for a clean and healthy work environment, the service includes:

  • Trained staff
  • Corporate image uniforms
  • biodegradable chemicals
  • cleaning material
  • new machinery
  • Supervision
  • monitoring and control
  • Quality

Advantages of having a specialist commercial cleaning company near me in Detroit:

  • Increased productivity of your employees: Having a neat and clean workspace has been proven to make employees perform their tasks more efficiently.
  • Avoid wasting time: Having a neat and designated place for everything in the office makes the job easier. So that your collaborators find their work tools quickly without losing time.
  • Reduction of accidents: Slips or falls are the main causes of injuries in companies, to avoid them you must have clear and clean areas. In addition to carrying out good signalling when they are cleaning to avoid tripping in a wet area.
  • Decrease in work absenteeism: Corporate cleanliness is closely related to employee absenteeism due to illness. By making contact with many people daily, company surfaces are full of germs and bacteria that can affect your employees. This is avoided with proper hygiene of the facilities.

Aspects to take care of in corporate cleaning

  • Ventilation of the rooms: This aspect is vital to renew the existing air so that the cleaning chemicals are not impregnated in the environment.
  • Removal of residues and rubbish: Remove the residues of garbage and dirt that accumulate and keep the containers of these clean to avoid bad odours.
  • Dust: It tends to accumulate in the furniture of the company, so it is important to clean the desks, mouldings and other surfaces to eliminate this factor.
  • Disinfection and sanitization of equipment: It has always been important, but in these times of pandemic, it becomes a priority to disinfect the devices used in the office to avoid contagion, as well as surfaces.
  • Carpet vacuuming: Thanks to the texture they have, they tend to trap more dust and spores, so it is important not only to sweep the carpets but also to vacuum them and from time to time give them a thorough cleaning to prevent debris from becoming embedded and dirt from accumulating.
  • Windows: Such periodic cleaning is not necessary. However, this cleaning service depends on the methodology and the location of the offices or company. How much they are in contact with the oil of the hands or the dust. It is important to take them into account at least once a month in the deep cleaning service.